Seeeduino 2.0...

Any word on this, I need to pick up a couple arduino boards as the 2 seeeduino 1.0s that I had have ended up being hard wired in to a couple systems, I’d like to have a couple to experiment with. I though I saw a pic of one once but haven’t heard much about it, still hard to get the TQFP 328s?

I was wondering the same thing the other day. It would be good to see a DIP compatible version of the Seeeduino (arguably that could be called a freeduino though :slight_smile:)

We will have v2.12 released before next Monday, but not 328 smt version yet. It will be postponeed until abundant 328 chips are available.

here is the v2.12

Wish I could get them too I could use the extra EEPROM in them. I do see that Mouser says there are getting 1500 of them in July though.