Seeed Xiao Round Display in CircuitPython

I’ve managed to use this beautifull board with my Seeed XIAO RP2040.

Still looking for correct I2C Touch device name (appears to be CST816S with I2C address of 0x2E, but I am not sure yet).

The library for touch device could be installed using
circup install adafruit_cst8xx

Using todbot examples at: GitHub - todbot/CircuitPython_GC9A01_demos: Demos showing how to use CircuitPython displayio driver for GC9A01 round LCDs and change the pinout and new displayio method (for Circuitpython 9.x):

import time, math, random
import board, busio
import displayio
import adafruit_imageload
import gc9a01

# This need to be changed
tft_dc  = board.D3
tft_cs  = board.D1
tft_bl  = board.D6

# The touch int pin. Not used here...
touch_int = board.D7

spi = busio.SPI(clock=board.SCK, MOSI=board.MOSI)

# load our eye and iris bitmaps
dw, dh = 240,240  # display dimensions
eyeball_bitmap, eyeball_pal = adafruit_imageload.load("imgs/eye0_ball2.bmp")
iris_bitmap, iris_pal = adafruit_imageload.load("imgs/eye0_iris0.bmp")

# compute or declare some useful info about the eyes
iris_w, iris_h = iris_bitmap.width, iris_bitmap.height  # iris is normally 110x110
iris_cx, iris_cy = dw//2 - iris_w//2, dh//2 - iris_h//2
r = 25  # allowable deviation from center for iris

# class to help us track eye info (not needed for this use exactly, but I find it interesting)
class Eye:
    def __init__(self, spi, dc, cs, rot=0, eye_speed=0.3, twitch=2):
        display_bus = displayio.FourWire(spi, command=dc, chip_select=cs)
        display = gc9a01.GC9A01(display_bus, width=dw, height=dh, rotation=rot)
        main = displayio.Group()
        # This is the new way to show something in display
        display.root_group = main
        self.display = display
        self.eyeball = displayio.TileGrid(eyeball_bitmap, pixel_shader=eyeball_pal)
        self.iris = displayio.TileGrid(iris_bitmap, pixel_shader=iris_pal, x=iris_cx,y=iris_cy)
        self.x, self.y = iris_cx, iris_cy
        self.tx, self.ty = self.x, self.y
        self.next_time = time.monotonic()
        self.eye_speed = eye_speed
        self.twitch = twitch

    def update(self):
        self.x = self.x * (1-self.eye_speed) + self.tx * self.eye_speed # "easing"
        self.y = self.y * (1-self.eye_speed) + self.ty * self.eye_speed
        self.iris.x = int( self.x )
        self.iris.y = int( self.y )
        if time.monotonic() > self.next_time:
            t = random.uniform(0.25,self.twitch)
            self.next_time = time.monotonic() + t
            self.tx = iris_cx + random.uniform(-r,r)
            self.ty = iris_cy + random.uniform(-r,r) 

# a list of all the eyes, in this case, only one
the_eyes = [
    Eye( spi, tft_dc, tft_cs,  rot=0),

while True:
    for eye in the_eyes:
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Thank you for your sharing!