Seeed sutdio online order support (refund)

Hi. I’ve been trying to contact Seeed Order Support or anyone that can help me with my order. I tried to reach them through Facebook, EMail, and Linkedin. Unfortunately, no one from Seeed can help me with my order. I ordered last July 23 and until now there are no updates in my order and still stuck in confirmed status. Badly needed some help on this. :sob:

I, too have had an issue. When contacting both support@ and, I received no reply from order and only received an automatic response from support. I wanted to cancel my order before shipment but this did not happen, and it looks like I will have trouble sending it back for a refund.

For small orders I think they don’t bother attending to it. Good luck to us then. They also don’t help on Facebook and even in LinkedIn. :cry:

I definitely should have paid via PayPal then. Not a good way to get me as a repeat customer to put it lightly.

Hi there, this is Lily from Seeed Community team. The email for order inquiries is order(at)