Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32S3 - light sleep

Which pins of Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32S3 should I connect the 32KHz oscillator to to activate the light sleep mode?

i didnt even know you could do that?

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AFAIK, Yes the ESP32S3 does have the ability to do it for the LRC , However I don’t believe the pins are brought out on the Xiao board. to use an external 32kHz crystal for RTC with Xiao ESP32S3
Like this , need to look at the PINS spreadsheet.

This is not a simple task: you have to recompile the Arduino core with the external RTC enabled BTW…

Basically, you have to properly set the CONFIG_RTC_CLK_SRC option in kconfig file. You should start to read from here, and practising with ESP-IDF configurator.
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Hi Mirec_M,
You may find this helpful.
If drift is not a concern, the internal clock can be used as the RTC clock source without the need to connect an external 32-kHz crystal.
System Time - ESP32-S3 - — ESP-IDF Programming Guide v5.2.2 documentation

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or wifi enabled can connect to a Network Time Server…