Seeed Studio XIAO Core User Group

I received an invite to join the ‘Exclusive Invitation to Join the Seeed Studio XIAO Core User Group’

But I cannot join on the ‘Verify by Email’ page I just keep getting a message ‘Email is already registered’

The SEEED contact page appears to be broken;

The contacts message box appears breifly and then dissapears.

I replied with the problems I was having to the PM contact made on here, but there has been no reply.

its a problem with the discord server you need to log onto discord, they updated everyone username and if you have not been on discord in a while you need to get streight with them first

also when friending you have to use the full user name… like StuartsPro1234 and not the alias Stu_D_Man for example

Hi there,
So , I had a similar experience and it was a Discord issue. Fixed now using a backup email to re-register and fix the broken profile by deleting it.
After everything worked and the Group was connected.

I looked at the Link you posted and the page appears correctly and seems to function , However I didn’t click send, YMMV , chrome browser btw.
GL :slight_smile: PJ

Thanks for the comments.

But the invitation to join said;

“Joining is easy! Simply follow this link to our dedicated Discord group where you can connect with other XIAO enthusiasts, our development team, and start influencing the future of our products:”

Creating fresh, probably false email accounts just to join does not seem ‘easy’

I was rather hoping someone from SEEED would reply and maybe say they would put less obstacles in the way of users contacting them, wishful thinking perhaps.

sounds like you have a bad additude… you probably would not be an asset anyway

Woa, :smile:
No fake Emails, :face_with_peeking_eye: I said a backup (a real legit email), Discord cleaned house a while back so any non active accounts got Nixed…
Once I fixed my User ID to my backup email addy, Joining was easy! I clicked the Xiao link
to the dedicated Discord group and was happy to connect with the DEV team and the AI behind seeed studio, “Frank” and Kevin Xiao Product manager
I can change it back to my original email no problem, It has NOTHING to do with Seeed BTW.
typically theses issue are between the keyboard and the floor, However this is a Discord thing.
GL :slight_smile: PJ :v: