seeed motor shield scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just purchased the motor shield ( … p-913.html) from radio shack to use a security project.
I found out after purchase that it blocks all pins on the arduino board and I am limited to 2 motors, my code, and using grove add ons. I don’t have access to grove add ons at my local radio shack and I will not order them online because of all the bad reviews of the ordering process and or just not getting their product and not being able to talk to anyone.

so my question is: is there a write up on how to use all the grove ports on this board without having to purchase “grove” add ons? example sketches?
why does seeed block all other pins on the arduino board? is it so that I have to buy grove add ons?

I see that no one from seed is willing to even acknowledge my request for help. If this is the kind of support I can expect, I will not be guilty of every buying another seeed product.
I mean really, I paid for your product. After purchase, I found out the only documentation is the VERY LIMITED wiki. And no language reference other than 1 sample sketch. There was also no mention of having to buy or use only “seeed modules” with this product. I Think I need to inform Radio Shack about what is going on.

Thanks for nothing seeed. You got my money this time, but it is the last dollar of mine you will ever get from me.

Very sorry for the late reply.
The motor shield is designed for compatible with grove modules as we original consider. But it is actually blocks other pins on the arduino board, maybe cause we design on the lack of consideration.
For you issue, if you do not want to use it with grove modules, you can directly pull up the white socket.
Any questions, please let us know. Thanks for you understanding :smiley:



Sorry for the late reply!

Glad to know you picked up our shield!

The Motor shield was designed for our online customer who could easily pick some Grove modules to form up a quick robot, sorry for the bothering. If you just leave the connectors open, all those pins are still available to use by other shields underneath. A newer design with MOS array is under way, we will surely consider your opinions. Before that, we will definitely help with refunding.

PS. International shipping is not always so terrible, sorry if odd happens. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

is there more info than the wiki and more code examples??? this product really lacks on documentation, I would also like a PCB board lay out not just the senseless schematic I found, I mean a real schematic, and real examples with the code!! please… I was always told not to buy anything from radio shack…this happens for not following directions :frowning:

Sorry , we have put demo and schematic on the wiki, and of course the demo is very simple but it can work, we just show the way how to control the motor shield, could you tell me what a type of demo is the real demo as you said ?

The schematic included a file which named “Motor Driver.brd”, this is the PCB board.


so what other thing can you control i would like to control speed and motor a,b
like motot a turn
motor b trun
motor a,b turn

I agree with the opinion that it’s difficult to find information about seeedstudio shield products. I’m new to arduino and purchased a motor shield v2.0 and ethernet shield at radio shack on a whim. I wish I would have waited and found a product with better support and online docs. The DC motor demo I downloaded for the motor shield doesnt work. The wiki information is thin- I guess this is for experts? Its not reassuring that when I search “motor shield” I find on the first page this discussion, and then another discussion with an unanswered question. - , and another discussion with an unaswered question. -


I want more online docs, pdfs, demo programs, please. And I read online you cant stack multiple V2.0 motor shields on top of one another? is that true.

You should probably just order the parts. Grove makes things much more convenient. Bad news is that the seeedstudio site is almost completely always out of necessary parts and it takes almost a month to get parts sent to you. Not only that, but once they update the versions of necessary components, such as the grove shield, your old code is no longer relevant if you want to make another one. Good news is that many of them can be found on other sites for a little extra and with less time spent waiting on them.

Seeedstudio is backed by some amazing and brilliant people, but they just don’t have the ability to conform to parts demand.

Actually, I am having the same issue with my v1.3b ISC motor board.
If I run the I2C scanner, it actually finds the board, but then hangs. It doesn’t matter if it is powered or not (well ok, without power it just hangs; with power it gives me that output).

Like this:
I2C device found at address 0x0F !

(and here it stays forewer)

When I unplug the power to the Motor Driver at this point, it suddenly continues:
I2C device found at address 0x60 !
I2C device found at address 0x61 !
I2C device found at address 0x63 !
I2C device found at address 0x70 !

So, what could be the cause for this? Any idea?

Hi Lukas4,

Sorry about this problem. Did you remove the jumper hat on J4? This should be removed if both external power via the screw terminals and power via the I2C grove header are used.
Please kindly try to use grove connector power and external power separately. What will be the output then?