Seeed-IoT-Button-for-AWS: App cannot login to AWS

Received the new IoT-Button-for-AWS (and had to order that special battery first additionally, which was an annoying user experience). Cannot get it into my Wifi as it requires the AWS Login on the iPhone App. After the eMail and Login Captcha I can see only the spinning wheel. Nothings happens after that. How can I get it working?

What can I do?

I had a similar issue. Here is what worked for me:

  • Navigate your browser to AWS IAM Configuration Csonole
  • Create a new user. Use password auth. Disable “Require password reset”
  • Click Permissions button to navigate to Permissions page
  • Choose “Attach existing policies directly”
  • Choose “AWSIot1ClickFullAccess”
  • Finalize creation of the user

Now, in your iPhone / Android App:

  • Open AWS IoT 1-Click Application
  • Instead of specifying a username or email address, enter your 12-digit AWS account ID
  • The app should then prompt you for the username and password of the user you just created
  • You can now successfully authenticate to Amazon and can claim your buttons