Seeed CAN BUS shield + 2 Leonardo's

I have 2 Arduino Leonardo’s and 2 Seeed CAN Bus shields (Part Number 103030215). I want to make sure everything is working before I expand the system to 10 nodes. So I used your Examples I uploaded “send” to one Leonardo and “receive-check” to the other Leonardo.

Nothing happens, no flashing leds. If I activate the Arduino Serial Monitor on the Send Leonardo I can see the message – CAN BUS sendMsgBuf ok! and now the leds flash correctly.

Nothing happens on the Receive Leonardo, I have to activate the Arduino Serial Monitor there too and then I see the correct output.

My question is, why do I have to activate the Serial Monitor on both Send and Receive before they will work, and is there a way around this. I have researched on various websites including yours, and I have tried various solutions, but nothing seems to work. I can’t exactly have a system where you have to use the Serial Monitor on send and receive before it actually works.


Okay being a NOOB at Arduino I realized what I did wrong, I just needed to take out the SERIAL MONITOR parts of the program on the send side to get it all working.