SEDED IOT BUTTON for AWS - AWS IOT 1-click APP can't login

I am able to find a device and add WIFI. However the AWS IOT 1-click iOS App(v 4.5) just hanging forever when I tried to login to AWS.

Without this, the button won’t get added to AWS. Has anyone experience this? Any ideas how to fix this?



Definitely, every one of the encounters of late connected with Seeed button.

Sooner or later it happened that any time the Wifi switch restarted (ie basic power cycle) I needed to go through the Wifi set up for the Seeed fastens again without any preparation.

See (presently) about the 1-click versus more configurable Gen2 buttons. It’s a disgrace it doesn’t say anyplace I can observe that the Seeed buttons are hard coded to 1-click in Oregon. It’s not all the postponement but rather it doesn’t help. I think they are only not as speedy to interface with Wifi and send the message, then, at that point, it’s going to Oregon to the 1-click infra then back to Dublin into exemplary IoT then onto my Alexa expertise. Some place in there it’s a lot more slow.

To shut this string off, I’ve surrendered (on Seeed buttons). They’re tremendous, terrible, slow and problematic.

I grieve the Gen2 button (and still don’t have the foggiest idea why it quit working - battery level was fine indeed), however I’ve simply today got several SmartThings buttons and they will work extraordinary. I actually need to do some Lambda rubbing to get the snaps into Alexa (in light of the fact that Alexa doesn’t actually comprehend fastens locally) yet I was at that point doing that with the Gen2 and Seeed IoT fastens at any rate.

A debt of gratitude is in order for your answer, nothing further required.

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