Searching for Hardware to development of remote monitoring

Hello, I’m searching for electronic Hardware for the development of a remote monitoring device.

It is required an equipment with the following specifications:

  • Microprocessor with 6 or more ADC inputs (Analogue to Digital Converter), 2 digital I/O or more.
  • I2C or SPI connector to interface to the microprocessor.
  • The microprocessor will have to be connected to a onboard GSM communications for sending/receiving SMS messages, and if possible (not too expensive) also will be useful to be connected to a onboard GPS system for obtaining position coordinates.

Thank you for any information/suggestions. Best Regards, David :mrgreen:

Hi ~ you could have a look at gprs shield , it is an Arduino compatible shield of GSM/GPRS functionality. As to microcontroller , both Seeeduino and Arduino Uno can work with GPRS Shield.