scrolling text

anyone have an example program for scrolling text??
because I do not understand using rainbowduino to display the letters in an 8x8 RGB LED matrix.
If you have an example of this program please send to my email: @ imanuel.siman
thank you :slight_smile:

Hi there,

You also can program by yourself base on our Rainbow Cube demo code.

About the pins you can view Eagle file to know how to control matrix with codes.

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the problem I do not understand how to use rainbowduino to display text on a 8x8 rgb led matrix.
so please help if anyone know of an example program text scrolling.
rainbowduino that I have rainbowduino v2.0



Oh, sorry I misunderstand you have V3.0 … Atmega_328
This is the WIKI for Rainbowduino 2.0, there are some example code for Matrix.
So is it OK?