Runing virtual machine - Proxmox

Hi all,
Great board!

I can run in my little board 4 VM:

  1. pfSense - 1 CPU, 512MiB
  2. Server - 2 CPU, 3GB, Debian 10.3
  3. Voyager - 2 CPU, 2GB, Voyager Linux
  4. Windows - 2 CPU, 2GB, Windows 10

I pass Arduino to Windows machine.

Look at screen shoot:



Nice, thanks for your feedback.
I’m waiting on my device.

Thank you,
For who wish to try, install before a standard Debian 10.3 and then do it this steps:
because at mine original Proxmox distribution not work to install, it crash after do it the partition on emmc.

I have a typo in my post at line 2 correct is:
Server - 1 CPU, 3GB, Debian 10.3

You can assign more vCPU but check the load to real CPU. You can add or less vCPU per one VM until you are satisfied, depends by VM number you set.


Ok, is the virtualization by default enable in your bios ?

I don’t purchase the device with the emmc module, the emmc molule is solder on the main board, I don’t like this design, I prefer the removable emmc module like the hardkernel or pin64 devices.

Yes was enabled default, I not do it any modification on bios.
Look module loaded at boot

root@pve:~# lsmod | grep kvm
kvm_intel             249856  6
kvm                   659456  1 kvm_intel
irqbypass              16384  12 kvm

I have also odroid u2 and odroid n2, I know their product but in my opinion this board is over odroid h2

Awesome! So far i have two VMs (Windows 10). How many VMs do you think can run on an Oddysey?


I not have any idea how many VM with Windows you can run.
Because I have in plan to use desktop application not all the time. I wish to use for router/firewall with pfSense and Debian server for my applications severs.

Now I insert an HP SSD EX900 M.2 1TB and the speed up to my VM.
Also I installed Windows again and the maximum speed that I saw in windows was 1,5GHz.
The CPU type used for this VM is host (not kvm64) with 2 cores.

At your VM (windows) what CPU type use and what is maximum speed (check with task manager and do something - play YouTube video - whatever)?

Look at this forum some users tell their experiences with proxmox and VM number.

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