RS485 NH3 (Ammonia) sensor + S2100 Data Logger

Who has experience setting up these two? Purchased S2100 & NH3(Ammonia) for one application but having hard time setting up data logger to read info from the sensor. Also tried to connect NH3 sensor to my PC via USB to RS485 converter, no luck. Simply no readings. Read RS485 NH3 Data sheet many times. Still couldn’t make it work. Please HELP!!!

Hello~ thanks for asking, this is Lee from Sensecap team. Could you please show some screenshots of your configuration pages?like this:

Selecting Modbus Address as 15 fixed connectivity problem. Thank you.

I am planning to use S2100 on Helium network and ThingsBoard as an integration. Where can I find a proper payload decoder?

Thank you. But unfortunately this decoder does not represent readings from NH3 sensor correctly since this decoder is for weather station.

Sorry for my mistake! Please use this
S2100 Data Logger

Helium Decoder:

This is how Payload Output looks:
“data”: {
“err”: 0,
“payload”: “333402003256B8000186A0”,
“valid”: true,
“messages”: [
“measurementValue”: 3299,
“measurementId”: 3,
“type”: “Measurement”
“measurementValue”: 100,
“measurementId”: 4,
“type”: “Measurement”

This is how my other payload output for Dragino LHT65 looks like
“BatV”: 3.038,
“Bat_status”: 3,
“TempC_SHT”: 22.77,
“Hum_SHT”: 40.2,
“Ext_sensor”: “Temperature Sensor”,
“TempC_DS”: 22.43

I am sorry but the payload decoder you provided doesn’t work correctly with S2100 Data Logger and NH3 Ammonia sensor. This decoder was made specifically to weather station.

Hello sir,

May I know which platform you used?

Helium network and TagoIO Integration

Also I am wondering why uplink packets are different? I am using 3 measurements (Ammonia, Temperature & Humidity) . Sometimes Data Logger sends one packet which consist of all 3 measurements and battery packet. Sometimes only measurements 1&2, sometimes only measurement 3. It’s inconsistent.

To further investigate the issue, could you please provide us with a screenshot of how you have configured the S2100? It would be helpful to have both the sensor and measurement settings. For your reference, you can check the configuration we made previously.

Additionally, the decoder file is correct as we test it before. what’s your expected output?

Finally, I will confirm with our R&D team about the issue of packet initialization and get back to you as soon as possible with further information.

BTW, would it be possible for us to communicate on Discord? My ID is Lee_SenseCAP#7369. What’s the best way to reach you? This would make it easier for us to communicate in real-time.

Thank you again for your cooperation. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

Sent you a friend request on Discord (AndyCA#6966)

I’ve already added you on Discord, let’s meet that way. Thanks for your cooperation~

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