RS-485 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Looking to purchase this sensor, SKU 314990633, but I need to know whether the default MODBUS communications parameters can really be changed. The datasheet ( says they can, but does not provide any detail as to how to achieve this.

Page 7 of the datasheet reads:
“Sensing data and communication parameters can be obtained or modified by Modbus commands.” and notes that the factory default communication parameters are:
Address 55(DEC), baud rate 9600bps, 1 start bit, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit
I can see that I can change the address by writing to register 0x2002, but how do I change the baud rate and parity?

The RS-485 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor parity cannot be changed. The command to modify the baud rate is as follows:

Address + 06 + 2003 + Baud rate +CRC check

Baud Rate Command
4800 0000
9600 0001
19200 0002