Rplidar Not working - Support didnt answer

I have an Rplidar and its not working, its connected to raspberry pi model 4B, nothing too fancy and i see its not working, i’ve tried changing the raspberry pi, changing the charger, changing the lidar itself (as i bought 3 and all are not working), i have my baud rate set to 256000, lidar is A2M8.
Problem is its not working the first time i try it. that means i have to run the code, get an error, stop the code and the run it again. i have do this 2 times and in the third time it finally works, of course thats not logical, because i’ve seen many videos and people get it to work normally first try. Two errors are: “Wrong Body Size” and “Incorrect descriptor starting bytes”, im using python3 and im using adafruit’s library, also tried changing the com port but still nothing.I will attach the code as a file and if further details needed, i can send the detailed error that is occuring. Thank you in advance. Note: here is the link for the code just in case:raspberry-rplidar/sample.py at master · makertut/raspberry-rplidar · GitHub