RF Explorer+ Slim Case Screws

Hello all!

I just received the RF Explorer RFEM6G PLUS module today to upgrade my RF Explorer+ Slim and when i tried to remove the case screws I could not remove two of the four. I tried multiple tools, breaking them off or bending them, eventually rounded out the socket head in the screws. In the end I ended up drilling out the socket in the screw head a little bit larger and using an easy out which broke off the screws after a turn or two. Once the device was disassembled I removed what was left of the screws and found they where glued or epoxied in place which damaged the cover where the screws where threaded into. Has anyone ran into this? I cannot find anything about this on the web or in the directions pertaining to installing the module.



After contacting Seeed support it appears they are not willing to help with this issue. They will not even sell me the parts to restore this unit to new condition. I only had this unit a couple weeks. Very poor business and therefore I will not be recommending their products to my friends and colleagues.