reTerminal pulling high amp draw, possible short

I have an 8 month old reTerminal that was coupled with a E10-1 module containing 2 Panasonic 18650’s. All has been great. I power the devices by plugging in a regulated fixed 12v supply into the E10 which powered both perfectly. The batteries always worked great and I could get about 6hours of battery use with the pair unplugged from the power supply.
Then, working on something else, I unplugged the 12v supply feeding the E10 to use for another project. As expected, eventually the batteries ran down, which I thought would be good to see how low they went when the device finally powered off. When I plugged in the power supply again, the E10 did not seem to charge the batteries. So I removed them, add two newly charged 18650’s and reattached to the reTerm. Only nothing happened. When plugging in the reTerm to a USB-C (with the E10 removed) the reTerm is pulling so much current it puts the power supply in high current protection, shutting down the supply. Looking at the board in both devices I do not see an obvious damage or burnt spots. I have another reTerm, but I am afraid to plug the E10 into it until I resolve the problem.

So here is the question(s):

  1. Has anyone experienced power issues with a reTerm?
  2. Was there a fix?
  3. Any thoughts on the E10? Is it likely related to the reTerm power issue or is that a coincidence?

Any ideas or useful thoughts at trouble shooting or resolving are welcome.