reTerminal: ooops! I clicked "update" the second time it rebooted!

I had trouble going through the 1st system setup and it rebooted before I finished answering the initial questions. The second time I plugged in a mini wireless keyboard and finished until it came to the “update”. Being so used to updating RaspberryPi OS I clicked OK (ooops!). I then discovered I was supposed to SKIP that. I want to keep the emmc version of booting. How do I get back to your “image”?

That does bring up another question. What about adding libraries and other accessories/apps? Is your pre-installed OS version unique? That is, does it have extra drivers etc to work with the reTerminal?
If at sometime in the future, I want the newer raspberry pi OS how do I make sure it has all the necessary drivers and such to make reTerminal fully functional? Or will you provide an “image” at that time?
One tutorial says to connect the reTerminal to PC via USB-C - that means instead of plugging the reTermianl into power and plugging it into another USB-C on the PC?
Is there a tutorial on what all the buttons on reTerminal do and general help? I get that the green button is ON/OFF but I have no idea what the other ones are for unless they are ONLY user definable?

I started the process on my Windows 10, of reloading RPOS on emmc. The mass storage drive is not formatted (disk management) and asks me to format - I did not. I ran the imager anyway and it started writing to the emmc and then quit after several seconds giving me “error”. Looks like I am stuck.

What about doing this on another Raspberry Pi? I only see options for Windows, MAC and Ubuntu.

I just started the process over on another Windows 10 PC and made sure I followed each step exactly. It is now writing to the EMMC. (I must have missed something the first time).
I am not supposed to UPGRADE the OS (not sure why) but it must be OK to add Libraries? What else is OK to add to reTerminal without having to start the reLoading again?

Are the Overlays compatible with Raspberry Pi “Bullseye”? If not, will you let us know if and when they are?