reTerminal making a high pitched sound while powered on

I just received the reTerminal with rPi, the device makes a very audible high pitched noise when powered on.

This seems to happen no matter which power supply im using.

What sizes of power adapters have you tried?
It is also possible that there is a problem with the capacitors.

I’ve used a 65w power adapter, and a 15w power adapter - both USB-C

I’ve also used a USB-C cable from my laptop to power it, all 3 result in the same issue.

Can you take a video and send it to We can continue to communicate there

having same problem how to fix it
@kwilliams312 your problem solved ?

I have the same problem. The noise is so bad that I can’t keep the device switched on for any length of time.

Please can you let me know how to investigate the root cause?

If you have a problem with loud noise after powering on, please email We can continue to communicate there