reTerminal making a high pitched sound while powered on

I just received the reTerminal with rPi, the device makes a very audible high pitched noise when powered on.

This seems to happen no matter which power supply im using.

What sizes of power adapters have you tried?
It is also possible that there is a problem with the capacitors.

I’ve used a 65w power adapter, and a 15w power adapter - both USB-C

I’ve also used a USB-C cable from my laptop to power it, all 3 result in the same issue.

Can you take a video and send it to We can continue to communicate there

having same problem how to fix it
@kwilliams312 your problem solved ?

I have the same problem. The noise is so bad that I can’t keep the device switched on for any length of time.

Please can you let me know how to investigate the root cause?

If you have a problem with loud noise after powering on, please email We can continue to communicate there

Has this issue been addressed?

boards are probably faulty judging by the way everyone is just being instructed to speak only via email. If not then that’s just not transparent and kind of annoying behavior for support.

Looking at the schematic, the pin is controlled with IO_7. The “LED” driver is setting the behavior of that pin. When trying to disable that PIN manually, the Linux OS reports that the PIN is in use and cannot be changed.

I currently suspect a simple driver error with the LED portion of this system driver.

Also – if this is re-occurring, then it’s possible the issue was re-introduced.

Temporarily, while troubleshooting, you can put a piece of tape over the on-board buzzer which is emitting this noise. This muffles it temporarily until a full fix can be provided.

I think you misunderstand the issue. There is no speaker/buzzer that is making a noise. There is some component on the board that is incorrectly emitting a sound (like transformer whine).

I see – then we have 2 different issues. I can clearly see/hear that my noise is coming from the buzzer – and emitting a very high pitched noise. I could only determine this when I removed the cover.

Here is what I am seeing. High pitched noise coming from the device immediately on power up.

I have opened the device and identified that this is the buzzer emitting the noise.

2 videos of the behavior, same device:

Your recent investigations prompted me to re-evaluate my reterminal.

You’re 100% on point, the sound IS coming from the speaker, I retract my previous statement. (It’s been about a year since I last looked at it.


I’m having the same issue. Bought two devices… Both have the problem.

Already mailed them already in December about the issue… They also asked about the used power adapter. Never had any Raspberry Pi hardware make those kinds of noises before.

Have you scrutinized the buzzer to see if it’s a buzzer problem?