reTerminal GPIO for USR LED is in "used" state in gpioinfo

When using gpiod tools to view the GPIO pins on the device, there are three “chips”.

CHIP 2 contains the LED’s on the front panel. The one marked USR on the panel is known as “usr_led0” and is at index 4, and shows all lines as being “used” in :

gpioinfo gpiochip2

Since I want to use this LED on the front panel as an indicator in a C++ program it will have to be controlled by libgpio, but how do I release usr_led0 from being “used”???


pi@reterminal:~ $ gpioinfo gpiochip2
gpiochip2 - 8 lines:
	line   0:      unnamed   "usr_btn0"   input   active-low [used]
	line   1:      unnamed   "usr_btn2"   input   active-low [used]
	line   2:      unnamed   "usr_btn1"   input   active-low [used]
	line   3:      unnamed   "usr_btn3"   input   active-low [used]
	line   4:      unnamed   "usr_led0"  output   active-low [used]
	line   5:      unnamed   "usr_led1"  output   active-low [used]
	line   6:      unnamed   "usr_led2"  output   active-low [used]
	line   7:      unnamed "usr_buzzer"  output  active-high [used]

I see the definition in the overlay file for the USER LED device as well. I don’t have enough knowledge on dt overlays to attempt to modify it.

Now I cannot find the file with the overlay defs in it. Anyone at all know how to release the usr_led0 from being “used” at boot?