reTerminal first impressions

I’ve received my reTerminal several days ago and started to diving into it.

My firsts thoughts are:

  • Overall good product and build quality.
  • Screen quality is good and resolution is enough for that size. I miss that the black portion to be a full screen and without that black bezels but “meh”, it accomplisht it’s purpose.
  • Good selection of expansion ports but CSI’s ports, SD Card and boot device switch are not easyly accesible.

I also have some issues:

  • Bluetooth doesn’t find devices and opened window to select devices freezes at times.
  • Wifi disconnects itself randonly for a stable connection at 2 meters @ 2.4Ghz.
  • Wifi 5Ghz networks are recognized but I can not connect to them.
  • I’m not sure if it’s related to raspbian/RPi OS or reTerminal but I can’t connect to reTerminal trought ssh, they’re errors like timeout or droped packets.

So, my first impressions are in general really good, I think that my issues would be easyly fixed by commands or firmware/OS updates and wouldn’t be a potencial big issue and due to my time limitations right now I haven’t explore these issues too much.