reTerminal Expansion Module - KiCad + Info

Hey guys,

I couldn’t find enough information about the reTerminal’s high-speed interface, so I decided to research the topic on my own and share my findings with you.

You can find all the details on my website:

The site also links to my GitHub repo, where you can download a KiCad project called reTerminalEM, containing schematic, layout, and library with correct dimensions and connector position. It’s fully self-contained so you can just open it, and use it as a template to easily design your own reTerminal expansion module PCB. I am soon also uploading my next design interfacing M.2 NVMe SSD, mPCIe 4G modem, and USB hub.

Everything I upload is manufactured and tested in real life, so I hope it can save your time and provide a good starting point for your own projects.

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Hi, thanks for sharing your project. It’s a great job. We will open ours design source files at ours wiki later. You can reference it. We are developing ours high speed interface bridge board, hope you like it.

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