reTerminal dm SenseCraft Edge

Where can we find the current release for reTerminal DM SenseCraft Edge to load on our devices?


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Maybe you can refer to this Wiki:

Yes, that is where I found a reference to the reTerminal DM SenseCraft Edge OS, but unable to find the repository to download an image…

Seeed GitHub has a reference but it’s for the XIAO and it’s over 2 yrs old…

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I’m sorry to tell you that we are still working on the publicable version and the way to flash it :sob:.
We will inform you as soon as we have the exact Wiki!

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Is there any timeline or roadmap when could this be?

We are packaging the image and testing its feasibility. Thank you for your patience. By the way, what projects do you want to use SenseCraft Edge OS for?

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I am a co-founder of a new start up EDIMA Solutions.

  • We are focusing on data acquisition, data monitoring and AI/ML for predictive maintenance in industry.
  • We want to use reTerminal DM’s as a HMI for inputting human driven data (time of shutdown, reason of error etc.)

We would be more then happy to contribute to the SenseCraft Edge OS when it will be fully OSS (and ofc if we will have the capacity)! :grin:

what is the current status and release data?

Sensecraft Edge OS is currently available for download via this link: Download Sensecraft-edge-OS-V0.3.10.tar.gz (reTerminal DM)
Please note that this Sensecraft Edge OS is currently developed based on reTerminal DM and only works with Production version reTerminal DM

You can find the path to download Sensecraft Edge OS from the Wiki