reTerminal DM - change the tabs on the home dashboard

I want to edit and add some tabs on the main reTerminal DM dashboard (the one that appears right after startup see picture below).

Right now, there are 3 tabs:

  1. Node-RED dashboard
  2. Node-RED environment
  3. Settings

I want to customize this dashboard like this:

  1. Add more dashboards for Node-RED.
  2. Add Grafana button so that it will show Grafana.
  3. Password protection of the settings.

Is there any way I can do that? Adding more dashboards and Grafana could be something like a simple iFrame.

My main question is how and where I can change the code / appearance of the main dashboard of the reTerminal DM?

Thank you in advance!

Same for me, how can i customize SenseCraft Edge?
We want to use it as a mainly HMI with Browser based services.