Reterminal display rotation

Trying to rotate the reterminal display.

Changed the OS to retropie 4.7. performed all of the driver updates, and the unit is working well.

Only issue is the screen is vertical and not horizontal, so it needs to rotate 90.

I’ve tried all of the normal /boot/config rotates, then tried the /boot/cmdline.txt video=DSI-1:1280x720@60,rotate=90.

This one worked somewhat for the boot text when rebooting, but the screen did not rotate and has multiple instances.

Any ideas on how to rotate this would be super helpful.

Thank you

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I’m having this issue. When running in the desktop the rotation is handled by the accelerator, it rotates for you. I need to run this system without X11 or the desktop. The rotation is fixed in portrait. I need landscape, which, based on the design of the case, should be the default.

Something I discovered on my unit, delivered 28th September 2021. The firmware of the chip that controls the display was 1.0 which is very old. They are now on 1.8 The I2C address changed so when you update the software their code stopped talking to it. It’s a bit of a pain to update but can be done. Newer versions can be updated over I2C but 1.0 can not.

On my system

Notice the screen mode, seems to have to state the res before rotation. :confused:

This makes the console text work. But framebuffer driver, na, that’s not rotated. Getting closer.