reTerminal: coding in C

Does anyone have any info on how to access the built-in devices (buttons, buzzer, etc.) from C?

I see, in the documentation, that there are examples of how to use those devices from Python, but I don’t code in Python and probably never will. (I’m too lazy to learn it, and I already know enough C and ARM Assembler to be functional. Well, functional enough.)

What I intend to do is read certain multicast messages (easy to do in C) or MQ messages, display them on the screen, and optionally, set off the built-in buzzer until a button is ‘hit’ (both tasks a mystery to me).

Examples of what might be displayed: “The cellar is flooded”; “The toilet is running”; “The furnace has failed”; “The house is on fire”… Clearly, I have too much time on my hands.

Thanks for any assistance you might lend.