reTerminal and openwrt

I was wondering if I could flash openwrt on the reTerminal instead of the router board and follow your excellent blog post.

I will wait for your response before I give it a whirl


Hello @dq11,

If you want to run Home Assistant on reTerminal, installing OpenWrt only for that job is not a good option. In the blog, I used OpenWrt because I used extra hardware, which is the Dual Gigabit Ethernet Carrier Board for RPi CM4 to run OpenWrt, Docker, Home Assistant, and the reTerminal was only used to visualize the Home Assistant Dashboard.

I would recommend you to use Raspberry Pi OS on the reTerminal and then install Docker on it. After that, you could run Home Assistant as a Docker container on Raspberry Pi OS.

First you can install Docker on reTerminal by following this:

Then you can install Home Assistant as a Docker container by following this:

After that, you can follow my blog about setting up Home Assistant and other details.

Hope it helps. You can let me know if you have further problems.

Best Regards,

I wanted to run openwrt 21.02 as the base OS since it supports docker and is leaner than Raspberry Pi OS and additionally has router and firewall capabilities. I understand now that it may not be such a good option since all the reTerminal driver overlays need to be installed.

For the moment, I will stick with your suggestion and use Raspberry Pi OS . I am hoping you will support a new image with bullseye soon

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