ReSpeaker Mic Array v2.0 on Rasperry Pi 3 Model B with Windows IOT core


i just try to connect ReSpeaker Mic Array v2.0 on Rasperry Pi 3 Model B with Windows IoT Core vers.17661 and I see that speaker works well but

I’ve problem with microphone.

when I use this sample : <LINK_TEXT text=“ … Translator”></LINK_TEXT> , Cortana speech recognition doesn’t work. The same example works on Windows 10 with the same respeaker.

Anyone out there did similar test? If yes, what’s Windows IoT Core version? Did u install a driver?

Hi there,

We did a test with <LINK_TEXT text=“ … ure-object”></LINK_TEXT> and it can record the audio correctly, it does not need any driver. we just use the oct release. <LINK_TEXT text=“ … /downloads”></LINK_TEXT> thanks.

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Are you sure_. Could it be that you were using the camera mic instead of the mic array?. I need to solve this quicly. Would you share the code you used?

There should be a driver for this.

Thanks a lot! :smiley:

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Any nes on this?. I`m really interested in this and perhaps there are more people trying to do this.


Hi there,

Any news?. I’m thining in buying a couple of dozens for windows 10 iot, but I don’t have any news from you. Would you please HELP me!!.

Thanks. :smiley:

Any update, does it work with windows 10 IoT???

If ReSpeaker Mic Array V 2.0 require UAC 1.0 USB drivers for Windows 10 IoT, then anyone please guide how to install them on Windows 10 IoT and from where did we get this drivers?

Thanks in advance