ReSpeaker 6-Mic Circular Array Kit Schematics

Hello all!

I was wondering if it would be possible to receive the schematics for the ReSpeaker 6-Mic Circular Array baseboard and microphone board?

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Hi there, we will release the schematic in future and not this moment. thanks for understanding.

Seeed techsupport team


Hi Bill,

Thank you for your response. Do you have a indication when how soon in the future the schematics will be released?

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I am also interested in the schematics, please do share.

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I do double confirm with project managers and the decision is not to open the schematic. thanks for understanding.


I understand on not sharing the schematics, but can you at least share the pinout for the ribbon cable and the mating connector PN?

I want to use this board for a project, but I need to have a different audio input from the microphones you provide. I can reuse the base board if I can get the pinout for the ribbon cable.

Hi there,

Sure, here are the system diagram, connector info. thanks.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 9%A6-1.pdf”>×2.0mm_物料规格书-1.pdf</LINK_TEXT>



Thanks! Glad you can help to share these details.

Can you fill in the pi header pinout details so I can be sure to not conflict with the pins being used by this board?

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Please refer to below. thanks.


Hi, Could you please post the details of the loopback from the speaker/ headphone connector to ADC2 that is seen in “”?

Does the 3.5 audio connector has a mic input or is it only output?


I have succeeded respeaker 6 mic array. There is nothing in it. I made hardware with 6 mics and ADC and codec .if anyone needs my help you can contact me

I need help .