ReSpeaker 6-Mic Circular Array Kit Schematics

Hi @Baozhu ,

I am not asking for free sharing. We are OK to BUY the hardware design and firmware source code.
Do you mean it is not designed and produced by SeeedStudio? If not, who is the original author?
Can you give me the contact, so I can request a quotation?

Many Thanks.

It is indeed designed and produced by Seeed. But we don’t usually sell product design solutions, we can also customize and produce them for you. @djsg You can email us get more info .


Last Wednesday I emailed Mandy to ask for quotation. So far, has not received anything from her. Can you help me to check with her?


I have ping her. She will get back to you as soon as possible.

The kit has Headset and speaker voice output. I wonder how to use them.
Just plug and play?

I also want to make a 6 mic flexible PCB, have you finish your disign? Could you give me some help?

Sure, Can this help you?

This completely solved my problem.
Thank you for your generous help!