ReSpeaker 6-Mic Circular Array and SPI Bus needed

Hello all
I am developing a little voice recognition for my CamperVan with raspberry pi 3 b+.

For the voice input i am using the ReSpeaker 6-Mic Circular Array kit (

Now i wanted to control the light within the camper following this little guide:
In the guide it is described how to control led stripes with the raspberry.
But therefore they use the SPI Bus, in Detail the following PINS:

  • Pin 23 (SCKL)
  • Pin 19 (MOSI)
  • Pin 6 (GND)

I wonder how i can use these pins if my Microphone array is on Top of all the 40 Pins?
Is it possible to use the mentioned pins even with parallel using the microphone array, and how?

I already thought about using a usb microphone, but the respeaker array kids are made for my porpuse and i already got one to work.

What would you recommend to do if you want to use the mic and the pins?

Thank you very much in advance!