ReSpeaker 4 Mics Array V2 info, specs and embedding

Hi all,
I am collecting info and data to better understand potentials in embedding ReSpeaker 4 Mics Array V2.
I kindly make some questions

  1. If well understood, is the 3,5mm Audio jack working as output for the processed audio signal ( cleared from noises and other “disturbing” sounds ) , for example releasing the voice query for an home automation system ( managed by a pc )?
  2. Interfacing with a PC x86 with a linux kernel ( for example Fedora, Selinux or Ubuntu ) are there specific drivers?
  3. To manage audio signal is it recommended ALSA or PULSEAUDIO?
  4. Is it possible to embed on a PC a “passive mic array” installing on a linux kernel all sw with
    Speech algorithms and features:
    Voice Activity Detection
    Direction of Arrival
    Noise Suppression
    Acoustic Echo Cancellation
    If yes could you recommend the best product?
    Possibly what about ?
    Thanks in advance to whom will repl to those question and help me.
    Best regards

…and furthermore, could you please confirm if the ReSpeaker 4 mics Array V2 can perform Noise Suppression on the sorrounding sounds coming from the environment where the user is speaking the commands/wake word ?

Or this feature is working only on the sounds produced by the loudspeaker linked with the 3,5mm audio jack ( presumably ) coming from the music player on the PC ( so, via usb connection to the RaSpeaker V2 and from it to the loudspeaker linked via usb)?

thank you