ReSpeaker 4 Mic Array firmware

we are using the respeaker v2.0 4 mic array for an audio tracking project and were wondering if there is a way to disable the voice processing entirely so as not to filter out other noise. Do any of the firmware binaries work well for this, or are there other parameters that can be set to ‘off’ to accomplish this?
Thank you,
Luka Lawford



Yes, you can use the 6 channels firmware and select the channel 1~4, they are the raw audio from 4 mics. there are some 6 channels firmware and you can select the best one fits your project.

firmware channels note
1_channel_firmware.bin 1 processed audio for ASR
6_channels_firmware.bin 6 channel 0: processed audio for ASR, channel 1-4: 4 microphones' raw data, channel 5: playback
6_channels_firmware_6.02dB.bin 6 same as 6_channels_firmware.bin, but 4 microphones have a 6.02dB gain
6_channels_firmware_12.04dB.bin 6 same as 6_channels_firmware.bin, but 4 microphones have a 12.04dB gain
48k_1_channels_firmware.bin 1 48k sample rate, 1 input channel
48k_6_channels_firmware_6.02dB.bin 6 s48k sample rate, 1 input channel, 6.02dB gain


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