ReServer Industrial J4012 with JetPack 6 (Jetson Orin NX 16GB) Missing GPIO

I have the reServer Industrial J4012 but the wiki only supports Jetpack 5.1.1. I got Jetpack 6 flashed and booting fine using the J401 carrier board instructions, and everything seems good, but I’m missing GPIO 300-315 which are used to turn on the PoE ethernet ports and the 4G modem.

(btw I also found /sys/class/gpio is missing in Jetpack 6/L4T 36 kernel in favour of libgpiod, but you can get it back with a kernel recompile and activating CONFIG_GPIO_SYSFS)

It seems I’m probably missing a device tree overlay, but compiling the device trees for Orin NX at GitHub - Seeed-Studio/seeed-linux-dtoverlays: Device Tree Overlays for Seeed boards and using /opt/nvidia/jetson-io throws an error (invalid function gp!) when trying to apply the reserver industrial overlay.

Hello, are both Lan ports of your device working? I also updated to Jetpack 6, but the non-POE port does not work.

The main LAN non PoE port works fine for me. The kernel even detects eth1-eth4 but because GPIO315 is missing, it cannot turn on power to the PoE ports.

I received a message on the Discord server that the Seeed engineers are working on developing the Jetpack 6 driver for the reServer Industrial but it is not ready yet.

In the meantime I have gone back to Jetpack 5.1.1 but this has older inference libraries.