Reference Card for Community Firmware 2.5.1 Controls

Hi all, I just recently got a DSO quad and it’s a fantastic wee device. The community firmware is an outstanding improvement on the stock one too, obviously quite a lot of work has gone into it. I noticed a couple of people saying that they use a crib sheet to remind themselves of all the controls so I thought I’d make a nice one that’ll fit in the pouch with the scope (90x50, slightly smaller than the backplate).

Anyways, I don’t know enough coding to be able to help with developing the firmware so I’d like to make this small contribution and hope people can get some use out of it.

There’s a few versions here, a black/white version and a colour one (for the enthusiastic few with too much ink on their hands). I’ve supplied them ready to print on A4 sheets, double sided (you’re going to need good printer front to back registration though) and a folding version, as well as the original artwork. Enjoy!

PS Give me a shout if anything is inaccurate, I had to reword the descriptions to make them fit on the small card size.
Controls Sheet v1 DS.pdf (34.4 KB)
A4 White Folding 2up.pdf (42.8 KB)
A4 White 6up.pdf (71.3 KB)
A4 Black Folding 2up.pdf (42.9 KB)
A4 Black 6up.pdf (72.3 KB)