reComputer Jetson-10-1-H0: GPU is overheating

We have deployed a Deepstream application on a recently purchased reComputer Jetson-10-1-H0.

Unfortunately we haven’t been able so far to properly run the application. The GPU temperature is constantly over 90C! Several seconds after the app starts the GPU clock falls below 100Mhz making it impossible to run the Deepstream pipeline in realtime.

Please check the following screenshot from jtop. It is taken about a minute after the app has started.

Please note that even after the app is stopped the temperature only falls to about 90.5C. Is it possible that the device we received is defective and should be replaced?

@gbetsos Can you show me a picture between the heeatsink and Nvidia chip? We need to confirn the thermal grease is printed good,

Seems the thermal grease is fine. Can you share your test app and method?