ReComputer J3011 is not working from the start

Hi all,
I’ve been writing to Seeed Studio EICO staff tech support, but I’m not having fast response on my product.

We bought a ReComputer J3011 and when we powered the board through the provided power adapter, the board seemed to start correctly. The procedure of configuration of the board, although, has not been completed: at some point, the board just shut down and repeatedly rebooted itself. It really seemed a problem of voltage/current stability.

We then verified that the SDD shipped within the product was not working anymore, so a major damage should have happened.

Then, we bought another SDD which seems to be correctly detected by the platform. Anyway, even following the suggested procedure for a fresh install, the procedure of installation and Jetpack configuration aborts due to an error.

Can you please give us instructions on how to solve or refund/replace the object?