reComputer J202 USB Power Delivery Specifications

What are the exact specifications for the USB ports and specifically what is the wattage for the power deliver of the USB ports?

On the product page, it says that there are 4X USB 3.1 ports:

But on the product datasheet, it says there are 4X USB 3.0 port:

On the product datasheet, it says that the USB-C port is USB 2.0? Is that actualy correct? What is the wattage for the power delivery specification for the USB-C port?

I was hoping to connect a USB-C display from the J202, but is that not possible? The USB-C display I have needs power delivery.

Maybe it would be possible to connect the USB-C display through a docking station or adapter with a seperate power supply and then connect it to the J202 through HDMI or DisplayPort? I already tried a USB-C to HDMI from the display, but of course, HDMI does not have power delivery.

Does the DisplayPort connection on the J202 have power delivery? If so, what is the wattage specification for the power delivery over DisplayPort?

Please let me know if anything is not clear above, and I can provide more information.

HI, the USB3.1 gen 1 is the same as the US3.0, with a speed of 5Gbps. The type C rate is USB2.0, but supports DP output. I don’t think you can use this type C port to power your monitor. The power current is usually only 500mA