reComputer J1010 stuck on bootup

Hello, I have ran into a problem with my reComputer J1010 where it gets stuck on bootup with the final message being:

[OK] Started User Manager for UID 120.

Before this error, I had successfully performed a memory expansion on my J1010 a few weeks before encountering this bootup error. During these few weeks, I could use my device with no problems.

However, the other day before shutting down my device, I received a red “stop light” icon in the top right of the task bar indicating that I had “installed packages with unmet dependencies”. However, I did not resolve these dependency issues before shutting off my reComputer. Although, I do know they were related to the NVIDIA driver 465.

Now, when I go to bootup my reComputer, it hangs on the error message above. Below, I will attach screenshots of some of the other bootup logs. I do not know how to bring up the terminal during bootup to resolve the dependency issues (is this even possible?). Likewise, I have no other functionality. I have searched elsewhere, and it seems my only option is to perform a force recovery mode in order to reinstall the JetPack OS.

Also, since I cannot bootup the device, I cannot ssh into the device from my host machine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

HI, what is the memory expansion you are referring to, I assume it is the expansion of storage space? I would like to know some specific details

Hey @nengyu it is the expansion of storage space followed here. Thanks!

You may have lost a dependency file, reinstalling the system is the fastest way, if you don’t want to do this you can first have jetson boot another OS from the USB and then repair your old OS in the new one