reComputer 20-1-H2

I recently purchased 7 of the 20-1-H2 computers. They have come with an older version of JetPack and I am trying to upgrade them to 5.0.2. My host computer is running Ubuntu 20.04. The sdkmanager application will not flash 5.0.2 to eMMC or NVMe. The NVMe option fails while trying to flash to the SSD and so never completes. Flashing to eMMC generates a few errors, but it completes. After flashing, when I reboot the reComputer (after removing the force-recovery jumper) the system gets to a point in the boot where it is trying to “setup OEM target” and it never gets past this.

My end goal is to install JetPack 5.0.2 and boot from NVMe. Is this even possible? Have I wasted a ton of money on a set of boards that just wont work?

I have looked a numerous forum posts here and at NVIDA and all seem to get me closer… but nothing work successfully. Any help would be most appreciated.