reComputer 1020 with fan

reComputer J1020 is there an option with fan rather than heat sink ?
we think fan is better than heat sink , is that correct ?

Hello anyone can help

If you want to use a fan to dissipate heat, you can buy the following product separately.

Computer CPUs require efficient cooling. Heat sinks dissipate heat from the CPU passively by increasing surface area. Fans actively enhance this process by circulating air over the heat sink. While a heat sink alone can cool moderately, pairing it with a fan significantly improves cooling efficiency, especially for high-performance or overclocked systems.
The choice depends on factors like CPU thermal demands, system airflow, and available space. Typically, a combination of both—a heat sink with a fan (HSF)—offers optimal cooling, balancing passive heat dissipation with active airflow for effective CPU temperature management in various computing environments.