Real OpenWRT on Linkstar

An OpenWRT developer has ported the real OpenWRT, rather than the odd Chinese version, to Linkstar. It’s at Releases · croniccorey/openwrt · GitHub . I got it to work with Seeed’s iinstructions for flashing OpenWRT to eMMC, I could not get it working when flashed to an SD card, perhaps because Linkstar has trouble with some fast SD cards.

Be sure to use a USB A to USB C cable. Linkstar doesn’t know how to get 5V power from a USB C to USB C cable.

WiFi shows some bugs with this release. My system appeared to be stuck at 3dbM power, and one of my Linux laptops received the beacon while the other did not. I have not looked to see if the Chinese distribution has any chipset and WiFi modifications that should be merged into Linux.

How is this different from the OpenWrt R22.11.18 found on the OpenWrt forum pages?

Does this version allow for easier installation of wifi usb adapters?

I’ve tried installing drivers like kmod-rt2800-… but they aren’t found on OpenWrt R22.11.18.