Raspberry Pi 3 B+ & 4 mic array

Hello everyone.

I’d appreciate any help in trying to use the 4 mic array hat for raspberry pi 3 b+. It works just beautifully (thank you) on board as the hat.

However, when I take it off board (not just pushed into all of the pins as I am going to need many of the pins for sensors and IR and RF.

I’ve used the pinout diagram on page 3 of the attached official doc. It’s not working. Is this incorrect? If so, what are the essential pinouts to make it function. It would seem that it certainly doesn’t need all of the GND or 5VO.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as the forum contains nothing, nor does there seem to be any documentation. Perhaps something that SEEED could provide to it’s users?


ReSpeaker 4-Mic Array for Raspberry Pi - Features.jpg

Hi there,

We have 2 Grove ports on board, one is GPIO(GPIO12 and GPIO13), the other is I2C SDA and SCL. For the sensors, what’s kinds of protocol do they use?

If both of them are using GPIO, we can use separate GPIO grove port to 2 Grove ports to connect with 2 GPIO sensors. thanks.


Hi Bill

I’m assuming your reply was meant for another thread? It doesn’t seem to be related.


Hi Nathan,

What’s the detail issue do you meet on the schematic? thanks.


hi @bill.yu

My questions are in my original post.

I’m especially interested in the GND and power as I’d like to use them to add additional things to the Pi.