Rainbowduino V3 big led wall

I just ordered a rainbowduino V3. I want to make a big 8x8 led wall. But the documentation of the rainbowduino v3 is not clear enough for me. This is the online information Seeedstudio provides.

Provides 2 x 16 pin header for connecting multiplexed LEDs
Constant current(20.8mA) LEDs driver.
Can drive 4x4x4 RGB LED Cube or 8x8 RGB LED Matrix (i.e 192 LED)
Built in USB to UART chip (FT232RL)
Built in 5V / 1 Ampere voltage regulator
Can be driven directly via USB cable (No external power adapter needed)

Link to website: http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/Rainbowduino_v3.0

So I’m confused my led’s are superflux RGB CA

So you need 20mA and 2-3,6 Volts/color to feed them. But they are in series with 8. So you need 160 mA ? and the constant current of the output on rainbowduinoV3 is only 20 mA. I’m also confused not using resistors? Like in many projects with the rainbowduino v2.

Could someone give me some information about these things? :smiley:


Yes, Rainbowduino V3 can drive the LEDs, with USB power.
And you can connect the LEDs like this circuit:
seeedstudio.com/depot/rainbo … th=175_177


I want to use only a 8 x 8 matrix. So I have to connect the LEDs as the diagram below?(just like the previous rainbowduino versions)
I have common anode rgb superflux leds,