Rainbowduino DIY kit - help needed

hey guys

I search someone who is able to create some very easy pcb’s to connect a DIY led matrix. So the board will be very easy:
-2 x 16 pinheader to connect the rainbowduino
-32 holes to solder your own matrix.

Then we could use the seeedstudio pcb service…


Hi michu,

It would better if you can provide the specifications for the PCB, like the size, outline, distance between leds, how much do you want pay, etc… things like this.

Hey Steve

The PCB should basically be a breakout board for the rainbowduino board. this means there are 2x 16 pinheader on the pcb (to connect the rainbowduino) - then each pin on the breakoutport is connected to a solder hole.

I hope you understand, what i mean :wink:


What about the distance between each LED?