Rainbowduino, Arduino & Serial Interface

Hi to all, i’m new to the forum, and i’m about to buy a Rainbowduino for a project of my own.
I would like to know if it is possible for the Rainbowduino to communicate with an external device via the serial interface using the arduino Serial library.
Here is what i need to do:

Xbee or Wifi Serial ---- tx/rx-----> Rainbowduino -------> Led Matrix

My purpose is to wirelessy collect data from the internet and change matrix colours accordingly (e.g. show different patterns of colour accordingly to temperature values parsed from a webserver).

I’ve already managed to accomplish this with an Arduino, a serial Wifi module and a single RGB Led.
This is the configuration:

Internet ----> AP ----> WiFi Serial Module ----Rx/Tx----> Arduino ----PWM—> Rgb Led.

Is it possible to keep this configuration and substitute the Arduino with the Rainbowduino or do i have to use both of them?

Thanks a lot for your help!
Cheers from Italy!

Dear customer,

Actually Rainbowduino has a Xbee interface, you can plug your wifi on it and can program on Rainbowduino as your Arduino.But if you do that you should add to another power supply for your WIFI.

And you can use serial port or jumper wire to connect rainbowduino RX TX with Arduino. It is also can work. Depend you.

Hope can help you.

Best regards,


Thanks for your answer!
Does that mean that i can use ANY of the arduino libraries on the rainbowduino (except the ones that use digital and analog pins of course) ?

Yes of course, you completely can do like that.