Rainbowduino 328/2.0 data sheet

Is there one? The one on the store/depot site still refers to the 128 and has a few CRITICAL difference (for example mine doesn’t seem to have this “5v” switcH?)

Rainbowduino 328/2.0 data sheet will come soon.
Next week you can download it here.

Is there an Eagle ranbowduino shield template? I was thinking of making a piano wire LED cube, and realized that to do so would be easiest starting from such a template if it existed.

Look in this url seeedstudio.com/depot/rainbo … Path=93_99 here you can find Source files there is a Board and Schematic, a good start, Not a Shield, but you can find what you want.

Hi rich,

Did you mean the eagle library for 8x8 RGB matrix?



Sorry the eagle template for the RGB was what I am looking for.

Is it next week yet?


looks like I’m not the only one waiting for the 2.0 (328 version) datasheet with a better explanation of the API?

I’m sorry guys, we are still building the 2.0 datasheet.
it will available this week.
sorry for delay

Where can I get the 2.0 datasheet? It’s been a while now.


Do you guys have the 2.0 data sheet yet?

I should be the last person in the world to mention procrastination, but it has been over a month :wink:

Its been well over a month, COME ON SEEED, get the manual done, this is starting to get to the point where I no longer want to recommend your products to people.