Rainbow Cube + xBee


I’m trying to use xBee with the Rainbow Cube but no success. Even a simple code like the one below does not transmit anything. If I get the xBee out of the plate and connect to my shield on another Arduino everything works. I’ve wired TX and RX to the plate as the image attached, is it necessary to wire up the SDA and SDL line too?

I was checking the Schematic of my shield and it has a 15k pull-down resistor and a 10k resistor in the TX line, this plate has the exactly the opposite. Could that be a issue?

Any help would be very helpful.

void setup()

void loop()

Hi there,

Your photo I can’t view it. Try to upload again, and SDA and SDL line is not connect on Rainbowduino, so you need to connect by yourself.

Anyway, we are preparing for Bee module at the cube now.
So pay attention on our website for new information.

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I’ve re-uploaded the image, anyway, if the embedded image does not work, try this link please


What do you mean with “module for the cube”? Will that be another component to attach the cube (that I can buy) or a tutorial on how to wire things up?

Are the SDA and SDL connections required? From what I know, only the VCC, GND TX and RX are the minimum connections;

Thank you very much.

Never mind, got it.

I was connecting to the female sockets of rainbowduino. Checking the eagle files I’ve found that they are not connected to the microcontroler.