Rainbow cube difficulties.


I just got my rainbow cube and it works right out of the box. I have two questions. I am an experienced Ardunio user, but I would like to know I have a copy of the sketch the Cube was running when I received it, in case I want to go back to it after I stop playing around. Is that available? Second, what board do I attach to when using the Arduino 1.0? I am not even getting a mention of a new USB device when I plug it into my laptop. I can’t connect to it at all.

Many Thanks,


I got connected…you have to choose Arduino Duemilanove w/ATmega 328.

Would still be nice to have the original sketch that was in there when I got it. It looks like a combo of all three Plasma Cube examples.

Did you ever get an answer to your question about where to download the default sketch for the Rainbow Cube? (Actually, there are two somewhat different ones among the 16 cubes I’ve purchased.) I’ve been searching all over and haven’t been able to find it. But it must exist somewhere, right? I suppose we could recreate it from watching the display, but it’s a pretty long sequence and that would be a lot of work.

I’ve started working on a 3D editor to replace “cubeXcontrol”, which doesn’t work with Rainbowduino v3. Do you know of an editor that works?

Hi robharrop,

I have uploaded the test code on this link: http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/File:Rainbowduino.zip
Please unzip this to the arduino library. Thanks!