Question for USB-CAN ANALYZER 114991193

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The customer has question for USB-CAN ANALYZER 114991193.

He did self check for 114991193 reading datasheet.

At First, He set the speed to 115200bps for COM.
Then tested.

Datasheet described “Send” and “Receive” will return.
But he said only “Send” was returned. But not Receive.

He send the screen shot movie below.

USBCAN V8.00 2023-05-15 12-25-27.mp4 | 動画ファイル (

The customer asking,
Is it defective or he needs to do something(change the setting or etc.)

Can you give us some advice?

Thank you so much.
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Can Anybody response?

First of all, you have to check the sending and receiving light and flash a few times.
This is because the number of flashes is different, which means that the baud rate is different.
You can read this document for the exact correspondence:

If there is no light flashing after power on, you need to restore the default configuration, the specific instructions can be found in the following document:

I hope it can help you!

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By the way, I can’t watch the video above :rofl:. It opens up like this:

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Oops! I guess the customer’s uploading site is expired.
Btw, Thank you so much for your clear explanation, Huang-san.

That’s helping us alot!

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